Alstorm’s CEO giving a breathtaking AR presentation.

Meet Dalton Ghetti: Sculptor of PENCIL LEADS?!

Breathtaking video clip created for Eatliz. Wonder how long it took to make all that playing in the sand… httpvh://

We love OK GO. Nuff said.

Not much to say, just to see. Fred’s dead, missim missim….

A brilliant commercial directed by the legendary Spike Jones.

Seinfeld’s unforgettable acceptance speech at the HBO comic awards. Bad video quality but brilliant never the less.

Stopmotion. The it thing of the 2000’s. Take a camera and a tripod, spend a week moving that lego piece half a millimeter at a time and you have a movie that is just cool. This clip shows that the Master undoubtedly is PES. Awesome!

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