Over 2000 employees and volunteers took part in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s 60th anniversary. The stage show included large LED screens, dancers, singers artists and a special video showing the advancement of the company through the years.

International corporation Electra Group celebrated with all 3000 employees in an event titled: Consider It One (Inspired by their company slogan – Consider it Done). The stage lineup included many inspiring items, including drummers who appeared and disappeared into the huge screen, 30 singers and Israels biggest comedy star Assi Cohen who appeared on stage in a number of surprising [...]

Pharmacuetucal giant MSD held it’s annual employee cycle meeting this January. The main event was held at the Eilat IMAX theater, and we were given the unique opportunity to create a multimedia-rich stage show based on the IMAX giant screen and surround system. We held multimedia technical tests one month before the event, played and experimented, and the result was [...]

Superderivatives launched it’s newest breakthrough system DGX in  series of events held worldwide. We were there with original videos celebrating the new system launch.

A surprising twist on employee of the year presentation. Professional dancers wore masks printed with the faces of the employee of the month’s. The dancers were filmed in a green screen studio, with the background changed during post production. This item was used in the annual event as a unique way to announce the company’s employees of the year.

When dancers and multimedia meet. Dance item in which important messages are projected onto dancers as they move.The last half of the clip is deleted due to business secrecy matters. This item can be pre-recorded as a video clip or performed live.

Air Screen opening sting. This time we used the screens to create a hologram looking projection of the company CEO. 7 watchout plugs, 6 projectors, 4 dancers.

Three acrobats climb a wall and take a multimedia ride through a world of animation and action.

Opening item for the National Lottery’s New Loto launch event.

Under the slogan “It is all in our hands”, a stage and dance installation with rich video art.

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