Verint employees spent an unforgettable night at the annual employee meeting. Over 1000 employees and spouses enjoyed an hour long program that included our air-screen show, live musical performances, comical videos, and all this on a 35 meter wide screen using HD projection.

The country’s first toll road celebrated one decade and we were there for the party. Our creations included a musical multimedia opening sting and one very surprising live song performed by the company’s senior management!

This video was screened in front of 5000 guests and clients at the 75 year celebration of the biggest paint company in Israel – Tambour

As part of an event to celebrate the merger between two communications companies, we were asked to come up with an idea to introduce the new, united management to the company employees. This clip is titled – Together everything is possible.

A special production for the Shavuot holidays starring the IBM Israel management. The agricultural theme of the holiday inspired us to create the clip in a kibbutz, staring 18 managers, 1 CEO and an unforgettable chicken…

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