The HaPhoenix insurance company launched their groundbreaking new product – Genetix, a breakthrough insurance product that is tailored to your personal genetic code. The program included a gigantic multimedia show, with 5 large screens surrounding the 600 vip guests:

Verint employees spent an unforgettable night at the annual employee meeting. Over 1000 employees and spouses enjoyed an hour long program that included our air-screen show, live musical performances, comical videos, and all this on a 35 meter wide screen using HD projection.

For the SuperDerivatives 10 year anniversary we were asked to prepare a unique Video Mapping experience, projected on two mountain sides. Overall size: 150X30 meters.

Awesome videomapping show projected on the silos of Ambar, Israel’s largest livestock food manufacturer, as part of their 50 year celebration event. No Photoshop, this is how it really looked…

Air Screen opening sting. This time we used the screens to create a hologram looking projection of the company CEO. 7 watchout plugs, 6 projectors, 4 dancers.

Three acrobats climb a wall and take a multimedia ride through a world of animation and action.

Opening item for the National Lottery’s New Loto launch event.

Our signature opening sting. This show was commissioned for the opening of the Avenue events venue. Four dancers manipulating multimedia projections in a visual dialogue with a giant (55 meters!) screen.

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