Over 2000 employees and volunteers took part in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel’s 60th anniversary. The stage show included large LED screens, dancers, singers artists and a special video showing the advancement of the company through the years.

Superderivatives launched it’s newest breakthrough system DGX in  series of events held worldwide. We were there with original videos celebrating the new system launch.

Over 1000 top executives of the National Health organization met at the National Theater for the 2013 kickoff. The program started with a breathtaking opening item in which a live singer was immersed in a large screen, CGI animation projection. The senior management presentations included video clips produced by Levite Group, and even a surprise live musical number that “spontaneously” [...]

Verint employees spent an unforgettable night at the annual employee meeting. Over 1000 employees and spouses enjoyed an hour long program that included our air-screen show, live musical performances, comical videos, and all this on a 35 meter wide screen using HD projection.

The country’s first toll road celebrated one decade and we were there for the party. Our creations included a musical multimedia opening sting and one very surprising live song performed by the company’s senior management!

This video was screened in front of 5000 guests and clients at the 75 year celebration of the biggest paint company in Israel – Tambour

A TV campaign created, written and produced by Levite Group for the local Corningware distributing company. The campaign was launched during the first episode of Big Brother 2011.

A surprising twist on employee of the year presentation. Professional dancers wore masks printed with the faces of the employee of the month’s. The dancers were filmed in a green screen studio, with the background changed during post production. This item was used in the annual event as a unique way to announce the company’s employees of the year.

As part of an event to celebrate the merger between two communications companies, we were asked to come up with an idea to introduce the new, united management to the company employees. This clip is titled – Together everything is possible.

When dancers and multimedia meet. Dance item in which important messages are projected onto dancers as they move.The last half of the clip is deleted due to business secrecy matters. This item can be pre-recorded as a video clip or performed live.

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